Code Happy Update

Hi all!

It's been two months now since I first published my book Code Happy with Laravel, and I could not be more surprised with the amount of attention the book has received! I didn't expect to sell many copies at all, and yet here we are two months later with over 222 sales!

I would like to say thanks to everybody who bought a copy, and to all those who emailed with kind words. To this date I have yet to have received a bad comment on the book, which makes me a very happy author! I would also like to say thanks to those who emailed in spelling errors + code bugs, thank you so much for your support!

Overall I am happy with the progress made on the title, I think that the book contains all of the knowledge needed to get started creating basic web applications with Laravel. I do intend to cover one or two more features in depth, but for the most part I am now pleased with the content. The cover has been re-imagined and I have received a lot of kind words about the result, thanks for that! As such I will be cleaning up the book to hopefully publish a first volume on the Kindle & iOS store very soon. I am also in the process of looking for a print publisher that will allow me to retain rights to the book, if you happen to know of one, please get in touch!

I have enjoyed writing the book, and because of all the kind words about my friendly 'down to earth' writing style I intend to continue doing so. I have a Laravel tips and tricks 'mini' book that should arrive shortly, and am working on a general web development time saving tricks and tools book in my spare time. I will of course continue to update my blog with plenty of new content and useful links to keep you all amused! I would like to say thanks again to all those who have paid to read my 'plain ol' english' writings, it's great to know that people are interested in my content, and it really spurs me on to write more!

Once again, if you would like to learn the Laravel framework the easy way, you can buy my book now at Leanpub for only $4.99 and receive all future updates, including Laravel version updates for free!

If you pay over $9.99 you will have your name included the book, and payments over $19.99 not only make my day, but may attach a 140 character messages along with their name in the book.

My thanks to you all!