Code Smart: Introduction

Why hello there! Pleased to meet you.

My name is Dayle, and I'm a developer. I've just started my fourth decade on this planet, and I hail from the pleasant land of Wales. Many years ago, I was one of the first to use a brand new framework for the PHP programming language called 'Laravel.' From the first read of the documentation, I knew that I had to start building applications with it. It was clean, concise and beautiful. I saw great potential in the framework, and I think I was right!

Since then, I've been a core contributor, a conference speaker, a consultant, and an author of several books based on the Laravel framework. The books have received an astounding reaction, and have thousands of fans worldwide! It's been an incredible experience. If you've read one of my books before, then thank you so much! If not, well, let me take a moment to explain how this works.

You see, I'm not a traditional author. I don't like making things complicated. I don't like using posh words to make myself sound smart, and I write my books as if we're sharing an adventure of discovery. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I like to write my books as if we're two friends, sitting in a bar, sharing a drink and a conversation. Just so long as long as you're getting a round in!

This title is the third in my Laravel series, and it covers version 5.x of the Laravel framework. I've learned a little more about writing technical books with every one that I've released, and so, I hope you find reading this book an enjoyable experience. If there's anything you don't like about the book or if there's a chapter or concept that's not as clear as it could be, then please send me an email! I'm very responsive. In fact, I pride myself on it! For this book to be as perfect as it can be, I'm going to need your feedback. Let's write this masterpiece together!

Right then, you're probably excited to get started aren't you? It's a big framework, but I promise that if we take it step by step, you'll be building great apps in no time at all! Are you prepared? Go ahead, flip the page.

My books are available online for free to encourage learning. However, if you'd like for me to keep writing, then please consider buying a digital copy over at

It's available in PDF, ePub, and Kindle format, and contains a bunch of extras that you won't find on the site. I have a full-time job, and I write my books in my spare time. Please consider buying a copy so that I can continue to write new and exciting books!