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Until recently, my bookshelf contained titles that were purely Laravel related. 'Code Happy' and 'Code Bright'. They've been extremely popular with the Laravel community, and I sincerely hope that 'Code Smart' is equally as successful.

I've recently released a title called 'PHP Pandas'. This time, there's no relation to Laravel. I'm hoping to broaden the number of topics that I write about.

Now, don't worry your pretty little faces! They are still going to be wacky and fun, and I'm definitely not forgetting Laravel. This new focus means that you're going to have many more of my books to read.

In fact, here's my plan for the next couple of years.

World Domination Plan

Woah, I'm gonna be writing solidly for the next couple of years! Sorry for the temporary covers on a few of those titles, but I hope you'll agree that these topics are worth getting excited over.

You'll notice PHP Pandas in the grid, that's already been released and is available at

Meet the Animals

So what are the others? Let's take a look, shall we? I promise, they won't bite.

HTML Hamsters

Who doesn't like hamsters? In fact, that's my hamster 'Fury' (he's only got one eye.. like Nick Fury) on the cover! HTML Hamsters is an introduction to the HTML markup language.

HTML powers every site you visit in your web-browser, and I'm sure it will do for many more years. This title is a must have for newcommers to web development.

CSS Capybaras

CSS Cabybaras is a perfect companion to HTML Hamsters. This book will teach you how to write cascading stylesheets. Learn how to use CSS to give your HTML a visual upgrade!

We'll be covering all the gadgets in our CSS toolbox, along with layout creations and tips and tricks. I love the CSS 'language', and I think this is going to be a really fun book to write.

PHP Peacocks

Wait, I've already written a PHP book, haven't I? Oh that's right. PHP Pandas is a syntax book. PHP Peacocks will teach you how to take the knowledge that you acquired from the Pandas, and take it to the web.

Learn how the HTTP protocol, HTML and PHP fit nicely together. Learn how to setup a web-server for PHP, and all of the web-related functions that are available to you.

PHP Panthers

PHP Pandas will teach you PHP, and Peacocks will help you take those skills to the web. PHP Panthers is the next instalment in this series. In this book, you'll learn how to become a well-respected PHP developer.

This book is all about style, attitude and best practice. Learn the standards that will help you collaborate with others. Discover design patterns that will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient way.

The description may be vague for the time being, but trust me, this is a book you'll want to get excited for.

Code Smart

Okay, so it's not an animal, but I hate breaking patterns.

Code Smart will be the book for version 5 of the Laravel Framework, just as its predecessor Code Bright was for version 4.

Laravel 5 is big, powerful, and beautiful. Learn how to take tools that it gives you to build something beautiful.

Code Bright was huge and crazy, Code Smart is the next evolution. If you loved Code Bright, you're going to want to get your little grubby mitts on this one! :)


I receive a tweet or eight a day asking when Code Smart will be released, so I'm sure you're wondering about timescales on these titles.

As some of you may know, I work as Head of Engineering for a London-based startup called JustPark, and so my books are written in my spare time.

Code Smart will be written using the same technique as the other Laravel titles. Once I'm happy with the set of chapters I've already written, the title will be released 'published while in progress'. This means that you'll receive a new chapter every week, for free, extending the length of the book.

Outside of Code Smart, the above titles will be worked on in the following order. I'll likely be completing this in full before releasing. In fact, HTML Hamsters is already being written.

  • HTML Hamsters
  • CSS Capybaras
  • PHP Peacocks
  • PHP Panthers

The goal for this timeline is to take new developers on a journey, slowly building up their skill-sets and delivering them down the path to be ready for Code Smart.

I'm really excited about the idea of getting these books in front of you, so please stay patient while I smash my keys and get these babies rolling!

Thanks for reading (both this article, and the books)!