New Website

Hey there! If you're reading this, then my DNS has finally propegated, and the new site is live! Woohoo!

My site has been needing a little love for a long time. Originally, I had written a markdown-based flat file system on Laravel for my blog articles. It worked great, and it was very fast. The trouble is, the articles were up on Github, I'd have to commit them to get them up on the site. Honestly, it was just a bit of a boring way of writing.

This site, while the design took some inspiration from the previous, is an entirely new platform. The site is now hosted on the 'Ghost' blogging platform. I was a kickstarted backer for the service back in the day, and I love how clean and simple it is to write.

With this newfound simplicity, I hope that I can bring more material to the blog. More articles about Laravel, chapters from my books, and random thoughts. My blog has been scrapped and merged with this one. It didn't make sense to maintain two blogs.

I hope that you'll find the reading pane of the new template much easier on the eyes, and more inviting to my written content.

The new site is also responsive! This means that you can read the site on your phone. Enjoy my writing on the move!

Make sure to check out the new code sample theme too. It's actually 'Gloom Contrast' from my colour schemes package.

assert(true == New::website('is awesome'));

Finally, the books. I've always insisted that my entire books be hosted online for all to enjoy. It's true that I turn a profit from the books on Leanpub, and I'm greatful to anyone who purchases a copy. It really helps to support my future writing career. Given that, not everyone can use PayPal, and not everyone has the money to spend on webducation resources.

I'm please to say that my books will still be available on the website. You see that neat sidebar? Just click on the books to be taken to the microsite.

Code Bright is available online in full, and there are 5 chapters of PHP Pandas available now, with more to follow shortly.

Thanks for all your continued support guys, and I hope you enjoy the new site!