Release: Code Happy

My Laravel eBook 'Code Happy' is now available for purchase from!

It currently has the 15 topics covered on the blog, with many, many more coming soon, you pay once and you receive every update, forever! I will try to keep the book up to date with future versions of Laravel, so you can't get a better deal than that!

Please note that this is a publish in progress title, extra tutorials will be added every couple of days to extend the length of the book. Not bad for $4.99 right?

The pricing scheme is a little special, the base price for the book is set at $4.99, however the suggested price is set to £39.99. The suggested price is NOT suggested, that is simply the label that the site uses, here is how extra payment works..

If you pay over $4.99, you well get my everlasting gratitude, and spur me on to continue writing my tutorials at the highest quality I can provide.

If you pay over $9.99 I will print your name at the end of the next published chapter of the book, the amount you pay over $9.99 decides how 'high-up' it will appear! (fun right!)

If you pay over $19.99 you can email me / comment a 140 character message to be included with your name in the next published chapter of the book, please keep it clean!

The limit has been set to $39.99 to stop people with more money than sense from emptying their wallets!

If you spend over $9.99 please send an email to with your name, and your purchase ID to be included in the next chapter, if you spend over £19.99 please include your 140 character message in this email.

The publisher will only accept PayPal payments at present, I will try to find additional publishers to widen the payment options at a later date.

Click the picture of the red panda to buy the book! Thanks!

Laravel: Code Happy