Thoughts on Coda 2

Before I start, I'd first like to say that Coda 2 is an absolutely fantastic piece of software. I think that Panic are an amazing company ( I own some of their other apps ) and that I really appreciate that they are trying to bring a whole heap of new features to the world of web development editors. The flaws I am going to point out are specific to my own work flow, and I'm hoping that by highlighting them, they can become constructive criticism. So to summarise.. Panic.. please don't hate me!

First I'm going to point out the things that don't work for me, so that I can show some amazing features later and finish on a high note, so let's get started.

The crumb-trail bar thing which I am sure is useful to others, is not for me. It would be great to have a feature to be able to hide this..

This next annoyance will make me seem quite fussy, but I would love to be able to specify some padding to bring the text away from the edge of the editor. I think it would make it a lot easier to read, but it's not a huge problem by any means.

This next issue is probably a lack of understanding the clips feature, so if anyone has a solution please let me know. This is a clip I have created..


Having tabbed through the placeholders with default values that I am happy with, they stay in their blue pill like containers. I'd love a method to 'confirm' them or to accept the default values so that they return to normal text. The pill's are pretty cool looking when editing though!

Again with the clips system, I would love to have the snips editor match the color scheme of the main window, this really isn't that important. I am overly fussy!


And as promised, through the medium of screenshots here are some of the features I love!



Also the integrated clever colorpicker, which is fantasmical!

Not sure if it will replace my beloved Sublime Text 2 yet, but I will use it for a while to see how it feels!