What to expect from me at Laracon.

Hopefully you have heard about the Laravel conference that is taking place next week in Washington DC. I was kindly offered a speaking slot at the conference and how could I say no? So you might be wondering what I’m gonna talk about?

Well don’t go expecting some fancy technical showcase! There are a bunch of guys who are much smarter than I am giving talks on a number of toys that place nice with Laravel. Instead, I thought I might indulge in a little nostalgia.

Laravel has grown so much in the space of a year, so I’d like to talk about how the framework has changed, and how becoming involved with the project has effected my own life. I’m also going to talk about how you can get involved with Laravel and help us increase in popularity.

I’d also like to take some time to talk about what’s on it’s way with Code Bright, my Laravel 4 book, and how I hope to build upon the work I did with my previous title.

So if you are attending the conference, here’s my schedule.

I will be flying out with my girlfriend on Monday to get a few days of tourism in before the event, and will be staying at the Washington Renaissance hotel for the duration. On Thursday I will be meeting with some of the Laravel / Userscape guys for a dinner which I’m eagerly looking forward to!

On the first day of the conference (the 22nd) I will be present on a Q & A panel along with some of the other developers, don’t ask anything too mean! My presentation will take place on the second day and of course I will be lurking around the conference venue looking for people to chat with so be sure to come say hi!

If you are staying at the Renaissance let me know, or come and find me for some drinks.